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Welcome to Miss Delaney Cakes! I’m Julie, and my cake shop is named after my daughter Delaney. We like all things creative, and our medium just happens to be cake. Using buttercream, we make memories, one cake class at a time.

We teach adults and kiddos the basics of cake decorating so you can apply what you learn in a home setting. If we can do it, you can do it too! Classes, summer camps & parties!

Together, we create art that you can eat. That's what sets our hearts on fire.

Our Mission... Community. Togetherness. Fun!

MDC was founded as a teaching company to create edible art while making memories with the people you care about, all while uplifting and supporting other small businesses in the community. 

Hang out with this summer with...

MDC Summer Camps!!

Looking for fun and creative ways for your kiddo to spend the summer? Look no further! Miss Delaney Cakes partners with Cut and Paste Craft Studio each summer to offer the most delicious, messy (don't worry we clean it up), and exciting camps! We have a wide variety of camp themes through-out the summer, so there is sure to be one suited for your sweet treat loving little artists!

Get the kids out of the house for a few hours!

Learn decorating techniques on cake, cupcakes, or cookie cakes!

Ages 6+


Sweet Treats Available!

Craving one of our treats but don't have time for a class? Pick up one up from our new display case located inside of Cut and Paste Craft Studio! It is stocked weekly with cupcakes, tray cakes, cake pops and cookies.

3330 Partner Place, Lexington, KY 40503

DIY Cake and Cupcake Kits

Miss Delaney Cakes is all about teaching and inspiring you to get creative with your cake decorating skills! We love seeing you in class and teaching you in person! We also know that sometimes schedules conflict, or you may just like being creative in your own home instead, so we are excited to offer DIY Kits! We provide everything you'll need, from cake to frosting to supplies, and even online courses to help you get started. All you need is your imagination!

Sweet Celebrations on Location

Have your cake and eat it too! Miss Delaney Cakes can come to you!

Do you have a birthday party coming up? Miss Delaney Cakes can take the hassle out of house parties! We come with all the supplies and leave with the mess. In addtion, the kiddos will leave with their edible creation as the party favor, which is one less thing off your party list!


Meet the MDC Team!





How did you come up with the concept?

I have a full time job as creative director during the day, but teaching has become my passion. I believe that everyone is creative, and my favorite part of class is the moment when the cake is assembled, the design starts to take shape, the whole class gets quiet, and the creative part begin

What’s your ‘why’?

We started out as a teaching company, doing classes for both kids and adults. As humans, we want to connect. Having events and gathering together is one of the foundations of who we are as a community. Cake decorating classes provide a reason to gather, and providing a fun event helps small businesses grow and have a reason to come together.

What are the different Types of classes?

MDC offers Cupcake, cake, and cookie classes specifically in teen nights, parent/child classes, and adults only classes. Each class teaches a different technique. Some of those include; cake basics, detailed piping, using a flower nail, getting a perfect rose, textured cake scraping, watercolor cakes,

Do you do wedding cakes?

Yes! We would be honored to celebrate in your special day. Custom wedding cakes can be ordered by contacting Julie directly at 859.537.9101 or [email protected].

Where are you located?

As of April 2024, MDC rents a commercial kitchen out of LeanFeast in Lexington off Regency Road. Currently, you can purchase cupcakes, cookies, cake pops and cake trays in a variety of flavors at Cut and Paste Craft Studio. We hope to have many additional locations by December 2024.

I have an idea for a class! Can I partner with Miss Delaney Cakes?

Absolutely! If you have a space and would like to host a Miss Delaney Cakes event, reach out to us! We are always looking for exciting, vibrant spaces where we can create editable art!

I’m not going to eat my cake right away. What should I do?

Your cake is shelf stable at room temp for 24 hours. If it will need to be stored for longer, refrigerate overnight. Remove from the fridge about 1hour before serving. Check out our 'cake care instructions' card for additional details.


happy clients

We love taking Miss Delaney Cakes classes! Julie is such a great teacher and is so patient with the kids! Not to mention she makes the best buttercream I've ever tasted. I've done children's classes with my daughter and adult classes with my friends and they are both such a fun time.

Brittany N.

Absolutely love this bakery! The owner is fantastic with kids and creates the most delightful cakes. The fun events they host are always a hit with families. Highly recommend for any occasion!

Kelly J.

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